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Service Commitment

As one of the best ten enterprises of after-sales service in Chinese auto industry, we promise that in addition to executing "Service Manual of Changan Passenger Vehicle" and "Management Method of Changan Passenger Vehicle's Service Station", we will provide excellent and complete after-sales service.

1. Provide Convenient and Rapid Service in a Flexible Way
A. Internal Service Station Service
According to both parties' cooperation intention, if conditions allow, we can establish internal relations with qualified service stations which from your side, and make them have our official stations' rights.

B. Protocol Service
The both sides can fulfill protocol service according to the consultation result and degree of vehicle problem.

C. Emergency Service
We have emergency service team, disposing the events at any time.

D. Pre-sale Training to User
We provide free training of driving, saving fuel, purchasing accessory, maintenance and management when the user takes our vehicle, and we interpret to the special construction of our product. (Attach detailed schedule) We also provide operation instruction and related technical information of the bid vehicle when supplying.

E. Delegation Service
We adopt internal delegation way according to cooperation intention of both sides, and then, the users solve part of the vehicle problem themselves.

2. Ensure Normal Operation and Have Complete Service
A. We pay attention to the working life of our product, and provide excellent after-sales, accessory and maintenance service.
B. We establish customer information file, and make telephone interview regularly, knowing requirement of user, solving problem, reminding related matters and maintaining their interests.
C. We investigate to the user irregularly, solve their problem and ask for their requirement.

3. Convenient Information Feedback System
We have professional service personnel to coordinate and solve vehicle problem, and know customer's requirement. About the feedbacks, we generally answer them in 8 hours.

We can send professional maintenance personnel to the place, and solve the problem immediately. (Both sides consult and undertake the cost together)

4. Warranty Period
A. The warranty period of frame is 10 years. (Using in normal way)
B. We provide timely and convenient accessory service and technical consulting service for a long time.
C. The Changan passenger vehicle service station offers excellent service to the vehicles which beyond warranty period. The headquarters of Changan provides a full range of technical support and guide in the whole working life of our product.

5. Maintenance Service
We provide excellent maintenance service if the quality problem is because of raw material quality or production. We offer long warranty period of one year and warranty mileage of 25000 km, ensuring normal operation. (Attach warranty period or mileage of every part)

6. Accessory Guarantee
We provide excellent service and satisfy accessory requirement in the vehicle's working life. We strive to offer accessory service with super quality and competitive price.

We continuously adhere to service objective of "Higher, Better and More Thoughtful" and service concept of "We Work Hard and You Feel Easy", offering high-quality product and reliable service.