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Proprietary Technology

With development and practice over the years, Changan gradually establishes the core competence in modeling, general arrangement, structure design, performance development, simulation analysis, prototype production, experimental development evaluation and new energy.

1. Modeling and General Arrangement
Changan has the first-class international modeling experts which are skilled in idea sketch, rendering design, mold processing, class A engineering and CTF. The ability of product modeling and general arrangement is the lead in domestic auto industry.

2. Structure Design and Performance Development
We adopt the design software of CATIA, UG, PROE to enhance our engineering ability of 3D modeling for each system and electronic sample vehicle test.

3. Prototype Production
We establish the dedicated workshop to produce sample vehicle and model engine, and we have the ability of welding, coating, assembling and testing the sample vehicle and the ability of machining and assembling model engine. We have cutting-edged trial-production and testing equipment, including CMM, portable scanning equipment, ruling engine, model processing system and laser rapid prototyping machine. We can trial-produce 200 sample vehicles and test 150 sample vehicles every year.

4. Simulation Analysis
We have excellent ability and experience of CAE, and professional analytic capacities of CFD, vehicle structure, prediction of engine performance, stability and smoothness of manipulation, engine structure, engine CFD, vehicle collision and NVH. In the meanwhile, we use SE ability in stamping, welding, coating, assembling and engine technology.

5. Experimental Development Evaluation
Our test equipments are worth 1.1 billion CNY, and Changan covers 12 of the 13 internationally-recognized test fields.

6. New Energy
We have the key technology of hybrid electric vehicle: SI, calibration, demarcation, optimized CAN protocol, safety control strategy design and test system development. In the meanwhile, we acquire over 70 hybrid electric technology patents, 18 of those are patents for invention.