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Cooperation Case

1. Kuwaiti Clients

In November, 2012, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education published 2 bidding projects of 1664 school buses. It was a big opportunity to passenger vehicle manufacturers in China, Japan and Korea. Each manufacturer participated in the bid through their own way, and the bid manufacturers contained Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Hyundai, Blue Bird, Yutong, Kinglong, Higer, Zhongtong Bus, JAC Motors, our Changan, etc. Finally, under the circumstance of intense competition, we won the whole bidding projects, and this was another significant success after exporting to Kuwait in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. In the meanwhile, it was the sixth time for us to win the Kuwaiti bidding and we were the only passenger vehicle manufacturer to enter the Kuwaiti market. According to statistics, there are more than 3,000 Changan passenger vehicles in Kuwait, and it is unsurpassable to other manufacturers.

2. Peruvian Clients

We cooperate with Peruvian clients and establish distributer partnership since 2009. These clients purchase nearly 100 passenger vehicles every year, and they are the most significant distributer for us in South Africa.

In order to consolidate cooperation relationship and appreciate their support, the GM of our enterprise, the GM in overseas market and the regional manager in South Africa visited the Peruvian clients last year and we discussed details of the early stage of our cooperation. The Peruvian clients spoke highly of the quality and accessory of our product and service of our enterprise, and we proposed new idea to the cooperation of 2014.

The cooperation with the Peruvian clients is a new beginning to overseas market this year. The production of the first batch of 30 7m passenger vehicles is finished. Currently, our enterprise is consulting new series of public transport bus with them.

3. Albanian Clients

Since the Albanian clients purchasing 11 7m city buses from us in 2011, we have continuously provided technical support and accessory service. At the beginning of 2014, we signed a new contact that the Albanian clients purchase 13 SC6753 public transport buses. It means that Changan has a new progress in overseas market.

In order to facilitate the cooperation on both sides, the Albanian purchasers visited our enterprise on February, 10th. They spoke highly of the production equipment, technology and product, and hoped to have long-term cooperation after seeing the production process. During the conference, our manager, Mr. Feng, and Lu Shan introduced related information of parameter, configuration, and performance of our new public transport bus. Our clients were interested in the luxurious and delicate appearance, new design and reliable technology. Finally, the clients decided to purchase 13 public transport buses. In regard of privilege of distributer, the Albanian clients express that they would have long-term cooperation with us after the distributer agreement is reached. The cooperation with distributer will be main direction of us.

The Republic of Albania is located in the west bank of the southeast Balkan Peninsula, and the export to the Albania indicates that Changan passenger vehicle has excellent reputation and satisfaction in Albanian market. This success means that it is possible to enhance the publicity and popularity of Changan in Albanian market, and spread the Changan brand. Our Changan will regard providing high-quality product and service as our duty, and improve competitiveness in overseas market, making contribution to the Chinese passenger vehicle industry.

4. Fijian Clients

The Fijian clients are significant cooperation customers in our RHD bus market. Our RHD buses contain 6m passenger buses, 7.2m passenger vehicles and 11m commuter buses. We cover half of the Fijian passenger vehicle market now, and we sold over 10 RHD passenger buses to Fiji on April.

Our clients inspect and check these 10 RHD passenger buses, and test-drive in our enterprise. They speak highly of engine performance, structure design of chassis, comfort in driving and maneuverability of dash board.