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    1. Commuter Bus

      All the automotive parts adopt parkerizing, and the primer is imported, so our 45-77 seater commuter bus has excellent corrosion resistance and longer working life.

    1. Cargo VanThe turning diameter is only 10.7 meters, so the cargo van can drive freely on big streets and small alleys.
      We use the design of school bus to produce our flat nose cargo van, guarantying the safety of users.
    1. Engineering VehicleSo the frame of our SC5053 engineering vehicle adopts closed structure, and the front, side and rear walls use anti-collision device. The complete bus adopts high-quality steel, ensuring the safety of bus body.
    1. Emergency Vehicle Our rescue vehicle is yellow, and we equip with caution light, thereby, the emergency personnel can arrive more quickly.
      The double-door design is convenient for emergency personnel to do their work.
    1. 6m Right Hand Drive BusThe wing mirror is scientifically designed to help the driver to see wider areas behind and to the side of the vehicle, and this design guarantees a safe driving in all kinds of roads. The rear wall can be designed to be double-door structure, and the maximum speed reaches 105km/h.
    1. 7.2m Right Hand Drive BusAll the auto parts use the technology of electrophoresis, and the steel plate is galvanized, increasing the corrosion resistance.
      The automotive battery box is push-and-pull, and it is installed at the side of the RHD bus, so that it prevents the muddy water entering the battery, thus, it enhances the reliability of battery.
    1. 11m Right Hand Drive Bus

      The emergency exit makes the escape easier.
      The design of high-floor is convenient for driving on the road with bad condition like bumpy road, road with pothole, etc.