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6m Right Hand Drive Bus

The 6m right hand drive bus is designed for RHD vehicle market, and it is suitable for short-distance and middle distance passenger transport. The wing mirror is scientifically designed to help the driver to see wider areas behind and to the side of the vehicle, and this design guarantees a safe driving in all kinds of roads. The rear wall can be designed to be double-door structure, and the maximum speed reaches 105km/h. This RHD bus can work as short-distance passenger bus, school bus, shuttle bus, urban bus, highway express bus, highway bus, airport bus, etc.

1. The soft seat with high backrest (standard configuration) makes an easy trip.
2. All the automotive parts adopt parkerizing, and the primer is imported, so our RHD bus has excellent corrosion resistance and longer working life.
3. The king-sized trunk can contain more luggage.
4. Our engines contain diesel engine and petrol engine, and there are several manufacturers of engine to select: Cummins, Yuchai Group, Wuxi Diesel Works, XCE, etc.
5. We adopt proprietary Changan chassis.


Complete bus
Model SC6608BF
Length×width×height (mm) 5990×2120×2665/2865
Wheel base (mm) 3300
Curb weight (kg) 3250
Gross vehicle mass (kg) 4750
Maximum speed (km/h) 105
Approach/departure angle (º) 20/17
Rated seats 19-23 soft seats
Brand Changan
Suspension system Multi-leaved spring, non-independent suspension
Tyre 6.50-16/6.50R16
Brake system Air brake
Model YC4F115-20/EQB125-20/4DX23-110E3F
Fuel type Diesel
Rated power (kW) 85/92/81
Emission standard Euro II
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