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Emergency Vehicle

The emergency vehicle has 2 to 11 seats with high backrest, and it is suitable for rapid emergency repair task like repairing facilities in wild. We install the special-purpose equipment in our product such as dynamo, wire spool, etc. The maximum speed of our 2-11 seater emergency vehicle reaches 90km/h, and this engineering emergency vehicle can work as passenger bus.

1. The bus body adopts small nose design, ensuring the safety in driving.
2. Our rescue vehicle is yellow, and we equip with caution light, thereby, the emergency personnel can arrive more quickly.
3. The double-door design is convenient for emergency personnel to do their work.
4. The chassis model is Changan SC6530, and we have cooperation relation with several manufacturers of engine, including Yuchai Group, Wuxi Diesel Works, etc. The net power of our engine is 85kW or 91kW.

Parameters of Emergency Vehicle

Complete bus
Model SC5053XXHCG4
Length×width×height (mm) 5995×2080×2850
Curb weight (kg) 3600
Gross vehicle mass (kg) 5250
Overhang (F/R) (mm) 860/1835
Maximum speed (km/h) 90
Rated seats 7-11
Model SC6530DCG4
Tyre 6.50-16/6.50R16
Wheel base (mm) 3300
Wheel track (mm) 1667/1525
Model CA4DC2-12E4/YC4FA115-40/YC4F115-20
Fuel type Diesel
Rated power (kW) 91/85/85
Emission standard Euro IV/Euro IV/Euro II
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