School Bus

We are the second largest school bus enterprise in China, and the member of the National Commission on the New Standard of School Bus. The development of our product follows the concept of "Safety, Economy and Practicality".

1. Long nose design

Our product adopts long nose design, and the closed ring structure makes ceiling, side wall and floor to be a closed structure which can endure strong force. When rolling over or crashing, the whole bus body withstands strong force so that the deformation of school bus is small, and the maximum safe space is guaranteed. Our flat nose school bus is as safe as our long nose school bus.

2. Optimized system
We optimize the brake system, and adopt newly-developed brake pump, shortening 10% braking distance. The optimized door lock system of electric passenger door (standard configuration) is more reliable. The 5 cameras are arranged scientifically, and make the monitoring have no blind zone, and the storage memory reaches up to 32G, thereby ensuring longer monitoring time.

3. Newly-developed technology
We adopt technology of auto manual hidden welding, and it can reduce welding workload and avoid the paint cracking. The cathode electrophoresis technology enhances corrosion resistance. The practice shows that the paint of the rural school bus is complete, and the bus body does not rust in any operation circumstance. Thus, our product is suitable for driving in rural areas.

4. Energy-efficiency and environmental protection
We upgrade the automotive interior design of our school bus, and use environmental high-standard fireproof material, so that the interior space has high-quality air. The NVH reduction technology which is often used in cars can restrain more than 10% noise in the interior space.

    1. 31-40 Seat School Bus

      On the basis of meeting the national standard, we focus on the head, window, step, seat, handrail and emergency exit of our diesel school bus which relate to safety issue.