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6m-7m Public Transport Bus

With the length of 6.6 meters and 19 to 23 rated seats, our 6m-7m public transport bus can take 40 passengers at most, and drive at the elevation of 2600 meters. It can use diesel engine or dual fuel engine, and there are several brands to choose from, including Cummins, Yuchai, Wuxi Diesel, etc. The Changan SC6580DC1G3 chassis is made by our enterprise, and the maximum speed reaches 100km/h.

1. Our 19-23 seater bus has extra-large space, so more people can stand at the same time without interrupting others.
2. The public transport bus has big door and two steps with low level, so it is convenient for children and the old to get on and off.
3. The sub-console can put the stop announcer, commonly-used switches and driver’s private thing.
4. We open several doors and inspection hatches on bus body and floor of the Euro III passenger bus, making the maintenance easier.
5. In the standard configuration, the seat is made of ABS engineering plastic, but the durable blow molding seat is also available. Our seats can add cushions.
6. The automotive interior and the engine compartment are made of flame resistant material, improving the fire resistance.

Parameters of Public Transport Bus

Complete bus
Model SC6661
Length×width×height (mm) 6660×2260×3065
Wheel base (mm) 3300
Wheel track (F/R) (mm) 1670/1525
Curb weight (kg) 4380
Gross vehicle mass (kg) 6500
Maximum speed (km/h) 100
Rated seats 19-23
Model Changan SC6580C1G3
Steering system Power steering
Tyre 7.00-16/7.00R16
Suspension system Steel leaf spring
Brake system Air brake
Model 4DX23-120/EQB125-20/YC4F115-20 CA4GH-NE3/NQ100
Fuel type Diesel Dual fuel/CNG
Rated power (kW) 88/92/85 85/73
Emission standard Euro III Euro III
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