Passenger Bus

We adhere to brand concept of "Practicability, Safety and Reliability" in producing the passenger bus to satisfy the demand of customers in design, manufacture, service, etc.

1. The front wall skin of shuttle bus is designed like door and the rear door is at the proper height so that it is convenient to check and repair.
2. The car body and floor are set with several doors and inspection hatches, therefore, it is easy to maintain.
3. The legs of seat are slant, and it is convenient to clean the floor and makes full use of interior space.
4. The control stand of driver's compartment is within reach.

1. The inlet of air cleaner is on the top of the passenger bus, so the inlet can take in high-quality air and prevent early abrasion of engine.
2. The automotive battery box is push-and-pull, and it is installed at the side of the medium bus, so that scientific design prevents muddy water entering battery and enhances reliability of battery.
3. All the auto parts adopt technology of electrophoresis, and the galvanized steel plate increases corrosion resistance.
4. The technology of 3D digitalization design of bus body, FEA and the numerical control machining of mold in the whole process brings a reliable quality to our medium coach.

1. The automotive interior and engine compartment of the passenger bus adopt flame-resistant material, enhancing fire resistance.
2. The emergency exits of automobile roof and side window are arranged reasonably, and the emergency switch of automatic door is installed outside the air-conditioned bus, so the passenger can evacuate quickly.
3. The steps and other dangerous parts have yellow warning signs, reminding passengers to be careful when getting on and off.